Our Team

Professor Sharyn Rundle-Thiele


Professor Sharyn Rundle-Thiele is Director, Social Marketing @ Griffith and Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Social Marketing. Drawing on her commercial marketing background Sharyn’s research focuses on applying marketing tools and techniques to change behaviour for the better.  She is currently working on projects delivering changes to the environment, people’s health and for the greater social good.  Selected current projects include changing adolescent attitudes towards drinking alcohol (see www.blurredminds.com.au), increasing healthy eating and physical activity to combat obesity, changing farming practice to improve water quality and delivering reductions in assaults.  Research partners in 2016 include VicHealth, Defence Science and Technology Organisation, Australian Defence Force, Queensland Catholic Education Commission, University Sports Australia, Queensland Police Service and Department of Environment and Heritage Protection.  Sharyn’s research is published in more than 90 books, book chapters and journal papers.


DrKrzysztof Kubacki

Associate Professor Krzysztof Kubacki is a Deputy Director of Social Marketing @ Griffith, Griffith University and VicHealth’s first Social Marketing Research Practice Fellow. He has published over 60 books, book chapters and peer-reviewed journal articles. His current work involves the identification, trial and evaluation of established and innovative approaches to the evaluation of social marketing programs. He has lead a review of the effectiveness of social marketing, including for example campaigns aiming to minimise harm from alcohol, which remains one of the most comprehensive overviews of the current state of social marketing practice. Krzysztof’s work with VicHealth aims to overcome several important challenges impeding the development of social marketing as a robust and confident academic discipline with a rigorously assessed track record of applied research.




Dr Timo Dietrich


TimoStudio2 (1)My professional career started as a Corporate Relationship Manager at one of the largest banks in Germany. I extended my education at Griffith University in Australia, completing a Master degree in International Business (First Class Honours). I received my Ph.D. in November 2015 and currently hold a joint position with Griffith University and The University of Queensland as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow.

In my Ph.D. I examined how segmentation and co-design could help improve the effectiveness of program and service design solutions. Since then I am passionately working on a range of projects that aim to use gamification to foster positive behaviour change. I have published over 25 peer-reviewed papers and have been awarded more than $AUD 500,000 in research and consulting funding.

I am passionate about how we can use gamification to change human behaviour and I am always looking for industry and academic collaboration opportunities. Contact me to start a conversation.

Dr Joy Parkinson



Dr Joy Parkinson is a Research Fellow at Social Marketing @ Griffith. Joy has taught social marketing in Australian universities. She has presented her work both nationally and internationally and has published in a variety of academic marketing and health journals.

Her research focuses on a range of social marketing behaviours including obesity-related behaviours such as breastfeeding, food choice and physical activity. Joy is currently working with a number of industry partners including South Australia Health, Michelle Bridges 12WBT and UNICEF Malawi.




Dr Julia Carins


Julia's research focuses on social marketing to encourage positive eating behaviours. Her interest in behaviour change began during her undergraduate psychology degree at University of Melbourne, and continued during her work in Food and Nutrition with the Defence Science and Technology Group. She was granted sponsorship to undertake a PhD to explore how social marketing could improve eating behaviour in the military, and her PhD examined how a dual process approach to social marketing could improve outcomes, using both effortful and automatic decision making processes to effect change.

Julia is currently a Visiting Research Fellow at Social Marketing @ Griffith, working collaboratively to deliver research outcomes for Defence Science and Technology, and continuing her research exploring further influences on eating behaviour beyond the individual.



Dr Denni Arli


Dr. Denni Arli is currently a Senior Lecturer and Senior Researcher at Social Marketing@Griffith, Griffith University. His research focuses on social issues and social changes through multidisciplinary approaches. His particular expertise lies in social marketing, corporate social responsibility and consumer ethics. He has extensive experience managing and conducting research using multiple methodologies including surveys, systematic reviews and depth interviews. He has published over 60 academic journals, book chapters and conference papers including in outlets such as Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, Journal of Business Ethics, International Journal of Consumer Studies, Marketing Intelligence and Planning.

Dr. Kathy Knox


Dr Kathy Knox, Ph.D., is a research psychologist and member of the Menzies Health Institute Queensland. Kathy is currently a Postdoctoral Research Fellow with Social Marketing @ Griffith and an early career researcher leading a rapidly developing program of empirical research on social behaviour change including changing alcohol culture, and reducing household food waste. Kathy’s special area of research focus is increasing organ donation discussion behaviours among Australians.

Kathy has been conducting scholarly research since 2009 and received the award of PhD in 2012. Kathy has extensive experience in designing, implementing and analysing exploratory and formative research. Kathy has been involved in all stages of applied health-behaviour research, undertaking a variety of projects leading to peer reviewed publications including: ethnographic interviews and focus-group research; systematic studies of developmental cognition; longitudinal quasi-experimental research; interventions and evaluations of applied training programs; and a double-blind clinical randomized control drug trial.

Abi Badejo


Originally from Nigeria, Abi is a final year PhD student with Social Marketing @Griffith. Her PhD seeks to understand human trafficking as a social issue in Nigeria through a formative multi-stream social marketing approach. Abi has more than 10 years of industry experience across higher education, government and international development sectors. She is the CEO of bPositive Communications, a professional writing and social communications consultancy.

As Chief Consultant, she is hired to write stories about people in real life doing extraordinary things to make the world a better, more just place. She has published some of the outstanding development contributions of emerging world leaders, profiled movers and shakers making advancements across science, technology, agriculture and food security, and has written gripping feature stories on topical issues such as the Ebola outbreak. Abi is currently on a web content writing contract with the Queensland State Government Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation, and in the write up phase of her PhD.


Ville Lahtinen


Ville is a 29 year old PhD student from Finland. Ville completed a Master of Marketing with Honours in 2012 and as a part of his PhD he is currently developing a social marketing intervention encouraging 6-12 year old Finnish children to eat more fruit and vegetables on a daily basis. The intervention has attracted several collaborators including Citymarket, the largest hypermarket chain in Finland, Tomi Björck, the Master Chef host of Finland, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and Finnish Heart Association. He has worked on several Social Marketing @ Griffith projects including systematic literature reviews, data collecting and creating marketing material for the center.

Renata Anibadi


Renata Anibaldi joined Social Marketing @ Griffith as a Senior Research Assistant in 2013. She has worked at Queensland University of Technology, the University of Queensland, and Griffith University and has extensive experience as a researcher in a range of areas including organisational psychology, education and social marketing. Prior to becoming a researcher, Renata worked in the Australian Public Service.




Victoria Aldred