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In 2016 Social Marketing @ Griffith is a team of 30 social marketing researchers, practitioners, professionals and higher degree research students from 21 countries working on a diverse range of projects including reducing alcohol drinking, lowering tobacco smoking, increasing physical activity, encouraging healthy eating and understanding how we can prevent human trafficking. Our government and industry partners in 2016 include Department of Environment and Heritage Protection, Queensland Police Force, Australia University Sports, Department of Defence, Defence Science Technology Group, VicHealth, Queensland Catholic Education Commission, Bendigo Bank, and DonateLife.



      Comprehensive formative research with the aim to understanding the target audience and the environment they are living in. What drives and motivates them to change their behaviours?


      Design a consumer-driven social marketing program based upon the generated insights from the formative research phase.


      Implement the program and ensure that you have a control group that you can compare the effectiveness against.


      Monitor and evaluate the campaign. Use these insights to make adjustments along the way or use them to begin the process from the start.

Our Partners

Our Projects

Blurred Minds – Gamifying alcohol education

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The Blurred Minds program is an interactive alcohol education program that uses gamification to keep teenagers engaged. Teachers can sit back and let us run an entertaining and informative session on the alcohol and drugs. The program has been developed out of a long-term partnership with the Queensland Catholic Education Commission and the University of Queensland and continues to develop new games and program resources.






Let’s Go – Getting kids walk to school

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A recent study has found that children who walk or bicycle to school are less stressed, more resilient in academic situations and have more positive emotional experiences than those who arrive by car. “Let’s Go!” is a new campaign designed to help parents and children make active travel to school higher on their priority list.  A team at Griffith University has undertaken a large-scale research program to identify barriers of active school travel for Queensland parents. Using insights gained the team has designed a social marketing campaign to deliver a program which makes active travel fun. The campaign encourages parents to view walking to and from school as an opportunity for children to reflect and decompress.




Developing the ‘DonateLife’ App



Together with the Griffith Appfactory and sponsored by the Organ and Tissue Authority, we are developing a mobile App to support the DonateLife message and encourage Australian families to join  the Australian Organ Donor Register and discuss their donation decisions.  Registration and family discussion have a direct influence on consent rates. Consent rates can reach above 90% where the deceased was a registered donor, and 75% where the family had prior knowledge. This drops to just 52% if the deceased was not registered and the family have no prior knowledge. Therefore, family discussion and registration are crucial modifiable factors in increasing donation rates. Our App will deliver on the facts and crack down on the myths surrounding organ donation in Australia, as well as encourage users to register and talk to their family members.





Using Minecraft to increase fruit and vegetable consumption among Finnish school children


HEVIlapset aims to increase childrens’ fruit and vegetable intake in Finland why 30 schools in the Jyväskylä region in Finland will be targeted. School activities will range from cooking classes, games, quizzes, competitions and the opportunity for students and their parents to learn more about the nutrient content and goodness of fruits and vegetables.






Go Food, Defence Force Eating

julia s progThis research project has developed and tested two social marketing programs in currently operating military dining facilities, exposing more than 6,800 personnel to the GO FOOD programs, and measuring their food choices as a result. The programs involved social marketing communications and environmental changes, and food selections were measured using observational and photographic techniques. The results have found significant improvement in food selections under both programs (meaning personnel were choosing more healthful foods after implementation of the GO FOOD programs).



Give Me 5

Give Me Five

Give Me 5 is a walking group for people living in Brisbane's southern suburbs who want to exercise in a friendly, fun and relaxed environment, without spending hundreds of dollars on a gym. After identifying that weather and safety are some of the key barriers for not engaging in exercising, Give Me 5 eliminates these barriers and has positively changed behaviour when pilot tested. Key components of the program include:

  1. A 5 week program, guided by our Personal Trainers
  2. The chance to meet like-minded people
  3. A temperature controlled environment. Walk inside Westfield Garden City Shopping Centre without worrying about the weather or your safety
  4. Discounts from our partners: Sumo Salad, Lorna Jane, Boost Juice and Jamaica Blue Café
  5. Supporting Breast Cancer Research.





Saving the Great Barrier Reef


In 2016 the Social Marketing @ Griffith team partnered with the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (DEHP) to develop a strategy for DEHP adoption.  With insights gained from time spent with one sugar cane farming community, an initial strategy will be proposed for pilot testing.  The strategy aims to increase farming community engagement with farming practices that increase water quality and thereby reduce the impact on the Great Barrier Reef.





Game On: Know Alcohol

Game on: Know alcohol

The Game On: Know Alcohol (GOKA) research project involving more than 2200 Year 10 students has measured students’ attitudes and behaviours around alcohol consumption at 24 Queensland schools during the past 12 months. A total of 17 schools have taken part in the GOKA program resulting in knowledge and attitudinal changes of more than 1500 students. In addition, Social Marketing @ Griffith (SM@G) has been featured across national and local TV, online print media, newspapers and radio.

Preliminary results suggest significant improvements in alcohol knowledge and attitudes toward binge drinking (meaning students thought less favourably of binge drinking) for students that participated in GOKA compared to the control group with maintenance of positive levels of subjective norms and low levels of behavioural intentions.

Two online games that were designed for the Game On: Know Alcohol program have been adapted into the newly released Queensland Health and Physical Education curriculum. The resources built and tested over the last four years in Game On: Know Alcohol will be available for state-wide use from January 2015 and accessible in 183 Queensland schools. Along with that SM@G has provided a teacher kit with six alcohol modules available online.